Armenia was one of the Republics in the former Soviet Union. It declared independence in 1991 and, along with the rest of the former USSR Republics, is a developing nation.

However, ongoing ethnic conflicts with neighboring countries, wars and blockades harmed the economic advancement of Armenia, leaving many families in poor conditions. Among the victims of those unfortunate circumstances are the children of those families. Many of those children have lost their parents, forcing them to find shelters in orphanage homes and rely on external help and support.

The American Armenian Childrens Fund, Inc. (AACF) is a non-profit corporation, with a mission to help those needy children by providing variety of humanitarian and medical assistance, including cash, clothing, Etc. read more

Support by Donating

AACF also plans to have a website, describing it’s humanitarian goals and objectives. Through the website AACF will accept donations and contributions towards fulfilling it’s mission.